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Serbian for foreigners

If you are interested to learn Serbian language and know more about our culture and tradition, Studio Pčelica D can offer: group courses and one-to-one online (Skype) lessons.

With the focus on the key communication skills, our course can help you to develop your conduct of the Serbian language and therefore have more confidence to deal with a wide range of everyday situations in Serbian.

Centar za učenje jezika i prevođenje

Learn Serbian with the group

Lessons:once or twice a week (90 min)
Number of the students in the group: 3-8
Duration: 1 or 2 semesters

Learn one-to-one online lessons

The advantages of choosing this kind of learning (via Skype):

  • The lessons are designed to meet your needs.
  • You can book your lesson times that suit you
  • You can learn online from any location
  • You have the chance to practice lessons for real life situations